RIP Revue. Best Email Newsletter Alternatives.

Dec 15, 2022

It’s official. Twitter is shutting down Revue, the newsletter platform they acquired less than 2 years ago. It was a nice, lightweight, user-friendly email platform and we were recommending it (especially for creators that are active on Twitter) because of it’s secret weapon – integration into Twitter and the ability to one-click subscribe from a Twitter profile. 

What do we recommend as an alternative? Here’s a couple of options. Details below are accurate as of December 2022. 

Beehiiv is fantastic. 

Free plan up to 2500 users. 

And beyond the email newsletter basics, they also provide: 

Basic web hosting for your content. 

Segmentation (up to 3)

Popups for email capture and Subscribe tools


You have to upgrade to a paid tier in order to get features like Custom domains, paid subscribers (like Substack), polls, A/B testing, etc. There is a ~$50/month plan and a ~$100/month plan. 

Convertkit is a pretty good platform, with more advanced features like automated email sequences and the ability to sell digital products, in addition to paid email subscriptions (paid tiers of course). 

The basic features are free for up to 300 subscribers. Then there are paid tiers at $15/month and $29/month. 

Convertkit is great if you want your audience to get a steady drip of emails – there’s a visual designer that you can use to automate the email sequence. Highly recommended if you’re thinking about moving your subscribers through a funnel and ultimately to a sale. It’s very conversion focused – hence the name “Convertkit”.

Of course if you’re just looking for email newsletter features only, and not interested in other forms of monetization (within one platform) then you could always go with Substack. 

Substack is completely free, no matter how many subscribers you have. For paid email subscriptions, they charge a 10% fee (and a credit card processing fee). 


Looking for a free and simple email newsletter tool? Substack. 

If you need an email tool that will help you engage your audience for your business, then you’ll need more features and Beehiiv has a great selection even in their free tier. 

More advanced creators, especially those with more sophisticated monetization objectives should probably take a hard look at Convertkit. But then again, if you fall into this category, you are probably also looking at Kajabi, Thinkific, etc. 

Need some more guidance? Or hands-on assistance with initial set up? Get in touch! We can help you get started, or even design and implement sophisticated audience engagement and monetization strategies. 

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